Rationale and Programme Plan

We will work with 20 selected communities from the nine counties involved. We expect to work with them for a period for up to three years in each county (2 tranches of 10), with tapered support following that period. Each of the selected communities will receive 2 days of support per week.

The approach is to enable these rural communities to develop responses to issues, putting people in the lead and working creatively to identify challenges and opportunities. As with previous programmes we have been involved in, we are taking holistic, sustainable development and assets-based approaches.

We intend to collaborate to add value to the work local organisations and councils are already doing and think about how we can maximise and match the resources available.
We will be evaluating the effectiveness of our approach as the programme progresses, with the learning from the first tranche of communities informing the work we do with the second tranche. Our findings from the programme will be fed back to policy makers to help develop a better understanding of rural issues and possible solutions.

Our first 10 communities

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